Our Las Vegas Purebred Ragdolls are TICA Certified

All Kittens come with a Health and Lineage Guarantee

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for $200

We have ragdoll litters about 4 times a year. Each kitten sells for $800. If we don't have any kittens currently available, you may reserve a kitten for only $200 and you will be next in line for a kitten. Please call or text 818-424-6855 for reservation.

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Every kitten comes spayed or neutered and we give our guarantee that our customer will be 100% satisfied with our breedings and socializations. We guarantee the best behaved and most beautiful blue eyed ragdolls. Call or Text 818-424-6855 to purchase

Breeding Rights


If you would like to get breeding rights for your ragdoll, you will get your kitten unneutered with TICA paperwork of its family tree and geneology gene test results. We are also willing to trade for other kittens from other TICA or RFCI Catteries

Our Portfolio

Champion Bloodlines produce only the most beautiful and well behaved blue eyed Ragdolls

  • Name: Tom Nook

    Details: Male Blue Mink Bicolor Kitten Mitted
    Name: Prince Sebastian II (Future Sire)

    Details: Traditional Bicolor Mitted with Blaze
    Name: Breeder Lily with King Sire Sebastian

    Details: Blue Mink Mitted Sire Male 2 year old Ragdoll
    Name: Princess Jasmine

    Details: Mink Female Dam Ragdoll Mitted and carries the rare Chocolate Gene
    Name: Binky

    Details: Blue Mink Female kitten and the daughter of King Sebastian
    Name: Prince Edward

    Details: Male Flame point Red Ragdoll Kitten
  • Name: Queen Cleopatra

    Details: Cleopatra is a 3 year old queen and has mothered over 30 beautiful ragdoll kittens. She is a seal point mitted with blaze and carrier of the chocolate gene.
    Name: King Luigi

    Details: Traditional Bicolor male king Ragdoll
    Name: Queen Peach

    Details: White Lynx Ragdoll Female Queen
    Name: Mario

    Details: Traditional Bicolor Ragdoll Kitten and Son to Luigi
    Name: Breeder Lily with Binky

    Details: Binky is a female blue mitted mink kitten
    Name : King Simba

    Details: Rare Red Flamepoint Ragdoll Male King